Welcome to the SVS' Hideout STAY!

Here you'll find everything you need to know about any on-going voting polls and how to work around the voting apps and the voting sites.

Get yourself familiar with each of them so together we can win more promotion ads and awards for Stray Kids!

Who We Are

SVS or SKZ Voters Society is a global voting team dedicated for StrayKids.

In this team, we create plans and strategies in terms of Music Shows, Award Shows, and SKZ Birthday voting polls.

It is our mission to

Give Updates

Our team updates about what is going on, how to vote and updates the current situation about the votings from time to time.

Provide Tutorials

Our team provides a tutorial to follow on how to vote in a certain voting app and/or sites.

Answer your questions

Our team established a group where members could answer your questions about a certain voting app and/or sites

Voting Tutorials

For English Instructions

Click Here

For Spanish Instructions

Click Here


Frequently Asked Questions

TEAM SVS Related

- No. Team SVS is only a VOTING TEAM

- We provide voting updates, visual voting tutorials, and guides for STAYS that they can easily navigate.
- We also have private teams, we provide accounts and techniques to them on how to maximize votes and collect effectively.
- Additionally, we work to figure out how to keep STAYs aware of voting sites and applications' most recent updates.

- Most of the time we open recruitment every comeback and occasionally during year-end award shows.
- We usually launch OPEN VOTING TEAMS for the year-end awards, which means you will be under Team SVS for voting but not an official SVS member.

- There’s an instance where the polls only provide specific social media platforms to use that the team lacks.
- Another factor is it depends whether we have the manpower to push through the poll or we have enough accounts to vote for.
- We also value and examine the rewards of the poll if it’s really worth it to fight for.

- You can always visit and send a DM to our official Twitter account — @TeamSVS
- But there are instances we can’t answer right away so we made SVS-Q.

- SVS-Q is a group of SVS members that STAYs can always ask and send their inquiries regarding what to do in specific voting apps or websites.


- There are various accounts you'll need to prepare for voting but most of the time we use KAKAOTALK and Google accounts.

- MnetPlus World: https://www.mnetplus.world/

- We use the app, Google Sheets.

- Definitely yes. You can check our guide on how to maximize your Phone numbers to create emails here

Meet the people behind the voting guides and tutorial pubmats that are very creative,
insightful and easy to navigate for STAYs provided by TeamSVS!
























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